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QINWEN WANG 's adventures span from being an Artist, to Venture Capital to Entrepreneurship geographically extending from China, the Middle East to Europe.

Founded in 2012, QW Art Advisory exists to support Qinwen's art projects and to enrich art market’s access to technology and investment world through advisory business. During VC days in Kuan Capital, she helped Israel technology to commercialize in China through co-innovation investment model. And now Qinwen joined Web3.foundation a Swiss foundation founded by Dr.Gavin Wood fostering the cryptographically-enabled protocols that safeguard decentralization and enable the vision of Web 3.0  for China Market. The Major initiative includes Web3.0 Bootcamp and Web3 Forum


Unique hybrid backgrounds forms Qinwen's mission-driven dedication in Art & Technology to progress Art Industry with Technology and support Technology Generative Art Movement. She launched Art & Tech online course with HashBang (which she co-founded) Qinwen is also the advisor to The Museum of Contemporary Digital Art  and speaker & support to Bahrain Art Week, APEC Women Connect and Christie's Art & Tech Summit. 

Based in Shanghai, China focused. Dedication in Art & Culture, Web3.0 Technologies. Together these act a dynamic eco-system, bridging industries and continents, in the provision of a gateway to  Art & Technology worlds, China, the Middle East & the World.



Shanghai, China; Dubai, UAE

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