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QW Art Advisory
Conseil d'art 
الاستشارية الفنية

ART is a childhood legacy of Qinwen since 4 years old when she started drawing and never stops since.

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Art & Culture diplomacy: Welcome
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Art & Culture diplomacy: Service
Art & Culture diplomacy: Service
Art & Culture diplomacy: Welcome
Art & Culture diplomacy: Welcome
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Sponsorship & Artist Partnership


On tour with Corona Sunset Music festival as performing artist and skiing collection designer. An old friend to the brand, Qinwen initiated the fun museum crossover as event organizer, bringing Corona first time into Museum with screen-print in music party environment.

When DJ plays haunting tunes with mixer and high-involved participants screen-print corona bottle with beer in hand, the delicate line between arts, music & Corona seemed to have gone even finer.

It an endeavor for community-building for 3 parties. A different kind of creativity and innovation using art & music as a tool to communicate high-profile consumerism. Established a closer connection between the two distinctive realms.


Merchandise Design & Production

DeepDive is Vanke's division company to promote rowing and its sportsmanship in China. Founded by Wang Shi, chairman of ARFC and Board chairman of Vanke.

QW Art Advisory taking on ready-to-wear with a mission to high-profile DeepDive image by carrying British rowing heritage to create a wardrobe for an entire delegation of over 100 athletes, and 500 tournament participants for formal events throughout 7 stations around the year.

The collection features city series polo, Mascot, cap, calfskin backpack, sunglasses, mask, sun-protective sleeve, tech accessory including iphone case. Address the designs with integration of hybrid aesthetic of modern China Chicness and international classic

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Art & Culture diplomacy: Welcome
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Art & Culture diplomacy: Welcome
Art & Culture diplomacy: Welcome
Art & Culture diplomacy: Welcome


Bilateral Relations

In May 2015, the inaugural Dubai Week in China was Held in Beijing with themed evenings and thought leadership sessions engaged, providing Chinese audience to know Dubai through a variety of touch points.


Initiated by Falcon & Associates, a Dubai-based company set up by Royal Decree,  Dubai Week in China attracted more than 15,000 visitors - from government officials, business and thought leaders to members of the public. Appointed as event partners, telling the Dubai story, from humble fishing village to global city of opportunity in just 40 year

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Collaborated with Yuz Museum on the art education sector for the Giacometti exhibition towards the international school students in Shanghai. 

Started with Giacometti's unique sculpture style, Try Everything designed both the clay sculpture and pencil portrait lessons for the children either from elementary school to high school.


Art Market Professional Service

Evaluating China Opportunity. 1stdibs, U.S. based e-commerce platform that connects ~2,000 antique stores and galleries in Europe and U.S. with collectors and designers. The project is to help the client understand the buyer market on antique furniture, jewelry, fashion, and fine art, as well as seller market on local galleries in China, and then make a go/no-go decision.

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Qinwen's been brought into art world since 4 year-old, started art career as a published artist at 20 years old with the publication of French Illustre collection. Total 4,5000 books haave been sold in Mainland China and Taiwan.

Then followed by 2 covers for TimeOut Shanghai.  It was the training in Christie's made her grew into an art market professional

Art & Culture diplomacy: Welcome

The terms "QW Art Advisory"  refer to the affiliated entities of 上海琴燊文化传播有限公司

QW Art advisory is a Shanghai Registered Art & Culture company ( 

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