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The world's first Major crypto art Exhibition in UCCA Lab

Virtual Niche — Have you ever seen memes in the mirror?


It became a grand celebration for both the art community and crypto community around the world jointly with Bitcoin, Etherum and Polkadot Community with art showcasing technology in blockchain, AI , AR/VR and 3D printing.

Selected Works:​

  • Everydays: 2020 Collection by Beeple

  • Portraits of a Mind: Block8 by Robert Alice

  • 79530 Self Portraits: 2018 by Mario Klingemann

  • Supper by Group Async Artists

  • Saint Nazaire by Robbie Barrat

  • CryptoPunks by Larva Labs

English Press Release

Virtue Niche in UCCA

Opening After Movie



Photo Wall

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